Do You Need Document Management?

document management

The employee surrounded by teetering stacks of paper is less common today. What with the move to digital technology, we’re all doing more online. Yet some businesses remain true to traditional processes, passing documents around the office. You could be paying for this in lost productivity or worse. You may need document management. Check out the common signs of trouble and learn what you can do about them.

Trouble Sign #1: You are losing business due to slow work processes

It may not even be this severe. Maybe you’re not actually losing that client, but your customers are not happy with the time it takes your staff to get back to them. They call with what they see as a simple question, but your people need to hang up to find the right folder on their desk or look through filing cabinets.

Trouble Sign #2: Conflicting information is causing problems

You have digitized some work processes, but you have people who still prefer to do things the old way. You wanted to be flexible, yet document control is a problem. It’s difficult to know who has the most-current copy of a file. Plus, when someone enters inaccurate data, it takes time to notice, because various documents are floating around.

Trouble Sign #3: Inefficiencies are costing your business time and money

Exchange of information is essential for business success. You could be a one-person shop doing every task. Otherwise, you need to know what is happening end-to-end in the business. When you’re relying on manual processes, it is more difficult to track:

  • orders received;

  • where inventory is in the supply chain;

  • when orders ship;

  • current inventory levels;

  • what customers are saying to customer service;

  • which customers get discounts and which don’t pay on time;

  • where a document is within a multi-step process;

  • what employees are responsible for what tasks (accountability).

A miscommunication or lack of communication between departments wastes valuable resources. According to Google, executives waste 30% of their time looking for information. With what you’re paying top brass, you want them to do more with their valuable time.

Document Management Advantages

A document management system allows you to easily scan, capture, and retrieve documents. When a vendor calls, your employee can search a key phrase, email, or phone number to bring up the correct file.

A document management system can also streamline workflow. When sales submits a contract, underwriting can receive an alert that it’s time for them to take over. Once that’s done, the document is forwarded on to the next party. Throughout, everyone works with the same file, and all revisions and comments can be recorded and saved along the way.

Advanced document management software can also